Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Back From Haig Glacier


I'm back from the mountain top, full of energy, from a very productive week of skiing and training. The Haig is such a funny camp cause it is always a high volume training week(20-25hrs) at high altitude. Still, I always come out of this camp with more energy than I went in with.
This is probably due to the "no distraction" factor, and the amazing staff that takes care of us as if we were babies. Joel Knoff and Jody made this Haig camp the BEST EVER! Usually with just one of them up there its a great camp, but the two of them together opened up a whole new "WOW" that I didn't know the Haig could be.
We had pretty brutal weather on this camp. Overcast, rain, rain, more rain made for very soft slushy conditions- which sucks, but it is also what our team needs to ski in. With the increase in global warming, it's rare that we ever race on cold, hard pack snow conditions anyway.
All this rain and slush aside, we were having a great time because with training comes eating- and we ate like kings! No joke. We visited many countries in our dinners. Italy, Mexico, and India were in the lineup, but my favorites were Lebanon, and Japan.
The Lebanese dinner was amazing! Rice wrapped in grape vine leaves, grilled pork kabob, and a layered phylo pastry with cheese and veggies. So delish!!
Japanese night was even better. Making our own sushi rolls brought the whole team together. Spicy smoked salmon rolls with tempura asparagus, and tempura shrimp rolls were just some of the delicousness that the team made. Accompanying this was miso soup, salad, and an awesome peanut spinach concoction that Jody made. Hungry yet?? While we were making the sushi, Phil made a roll with a bit of kick hidden in the middle. When I say kick, I mean a big glob of wasabi. We placed the roll with the rest and watched as Ivan picked up the death roll and put it on his dinner plate. Phil had a hard time containing the laughter as Ivan got closer and closer to downing the "special roll." When Ivan finally got to it, there was a delayed response and I was about to be disappointed- but then the tears came and so did the panic for water. Ahhhh. Good times.
Overall I had a great time training and bonding with my teammates over food and annoying monopoly games.
This week is a rest/intensity week, and I actually get to partake in the intensity fun!! I haven't done any z3/z4 intensity for over two months- so I am really really excited to feel some pain!
Friggen Giv'er,

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