Friday, January 23, 2009

Praz De Lys, France

This was day one at Praz de Lys. The team is staying up at the mountain, and these trails are right out our door! Preparation has already begun for U23 World Championships, and after a disappointing result at the Whistler World Cups, I look forward to having better races here in France.
Training today was a different story compared to the pics above. It's been raining/snowing all day, with a vicious side wind that naturally "exfoliated" my face during my ski today. By the end of my ski I was completely drenched, but happy. The weather is warm, and my hairy skis were dynamite today! Rain or shine- this place rocks.
I wanted to put an update up during the Whistler World Cups, but to be honest- I just wasn't in the bloggin mood. What I do want to say is BIG UPS!! to my teammates. George and Alex stomped it! That was an amazing race to watch, and I was happy to be able to celebrate with my mates. As well as the rest of the team! Everyone looked so strong, it's gonna be a hell of a world championships this year. Yeah Buddy!
On an even crazier note, Frank is coming to France!! And I can't wait!! Having my dad here cheering for me is exactly what I need for these races. My number 1 fan.
Ahhhhh Yeeaaaaaah!

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