Monday, May 27, 2013


Ok, Lets start with the training stuff first. We did a classic sprint relay today with the Americano's! Fun times, lungs were burned, legs were ripped off, rain fell hard from the sky......Overall good times!
.......But the best was yet to come!

All smiles after a rainy sprint relay!

After dinner time the ninja's hopped on their cruiser's and started their journey...

It was past 9, and we were losing light fast. We didn't care though, cause the ninja never gets phased by adversity.....

We finally arrived to our destination, and the message was clear...

Friends of Zoe's invited us to tour their Ben & Jerry's after closing!!!!

It was basically a free for all, and we were able to sample and have as much ice-cream as we could manage to fit in!


The amazing staff who stuffed us with soooooooo much ice-creamy goodness!

They even let us sample the cones!

Alana may of had a little too much :)

All that sugar gave us a mighty dose of hyper! 

Chandra takes the cake though. This photo made me laugh so hard!  Plus, afterwards she wanted to dance on the countertops and then go to the track and see how fast she could run a 400m. I'm sure it would of been blazing fast!!!.....for at least 10m ;) 
Instead, we rode our bikes home, while jamming out to Chandra's music cube with a sweet strobe light guiding us home :)

Another great day in Bend Paradise!


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