Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sunshine, Treats, and Hoolahoops

With the sunshine came the unveiling of our new summer Ninja tights! 

Sparkle drink belt? YUP! Purple tights?? YUP!!
Having fun??? Absolutely NOT ;)

Not every day was this beautiful, but if the sun wasn't shining outside, then it was most definitely shining in the day lodge by Linda(above) and Sue( pic below). They would greet us every morning with a warm smile, and a chocolate bar giveaway! For the past three days I've ended my workout with a delicious treat from these wonderful ladies :)

Susan giving me some treats :)

We also got the pleasure of chatting with Mike Sinott today.

And of course the Ninja's found the hoolahoop stash in the day lodge ;)
A perfect way to cool down from the ski!


Chandra Crawford said...

You batches!! Sunny day the first day we leave? Puh-lease! Hahahahha well good thing we smashed the tail lights with our purses to show that rain who's boss and scare it away for you!!

Chandra Crawford said...

Sunshine the first day we're gone? I think Alana and I can take credit for that. Thanks to smashing car tail lights in rain frustration with our purses we scared away the precipitation for you guys. Hiiii--- YA!