Monday, July 29, 2013

Back Smack!

Woke up, couldn't look down towards my feet without it hurting my back.....EFFF!

One thing to do, Keep Calm and Ninja On!
Started my day with a long dog walk, cause that actually didn't bother it, and it was nice to get some fresh air. 
Like most athletes, I'm terrible at sitting still, so this is what injured Amanda did today.

1) Dog walk
2) Declared this week " Christopher Appreciation Week" and made Chris a chocolate pie. More surprises to come throughout the week, probably in the form of food :)
3) Cleaned house! I love me a clean house.
4) Went and got me a reflexology appt. Feet feel fantastic , and I recommend all athletes to get this done  at least once in their life. We're hard on our feet and this was a nice treat!
5) Physio appt! Obviously!
Great news, Physio Danielle doesn't think this is disc related, so my back should be up and running sooner that I thought!! BOOYAH!!!
6) Quick but amazing visit with Dasha G. She dropped off a kickass t-shirt. Totally made my day!
7) Fishing adventure with Chris! We caught fish!!!
8) Somewhere in-between 3 and 4 I watched a documentary about the Kings Of Leon, Iced my back, shot gunned water, and took advil like a champ! 

This little pool was absolutely full of fish! Which kind you ask?? 
Lake Trout, White Fish, Cutthroat Trout, and Bull Trout!
Oh! What's that Yukon Elite Squad?!!! The Ninja's can fish too!!
Eff yeah we can!!!! 

The three of us smiling!

Dasha's amazing present! 

New favourite T-Shirt, in no way rated PG :)
Maybe I won't wear it to Jackrabbits......


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