Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Osoyoos to Canmore

My Osoyoos camp is over....kinda :)
The last few days brought some very hot weather, we're talking 38/39C! Tan Amanda is in full force now, and I was kinda looking forward to coming home to a little milder weather. Well Canmore stepped up to the plate and delivered some super boss hot weather too!!! So it's like i never left Osoyoos, which I most definitely can't complain about :)

Oh and my phone came back to life!!!! I was able to recover the photos that I took during the major flood day. This was probably right before my phone decided to die on me.

Osoyoos was very volume focused. We did many lovely long rides. Chris and I treated ourselves to a delicious bottle of Sunset wine from Silver Sage one afternoon after a stellar training sesh  :) 

Training in Osoyoos goes a little something like this: Train, pool, lunch, pool, train, pool, dinner pool, pool, pool, pool!

'The Family' sitting down to a scrumptious dinner.

Chris and I enjoying the heat.

We drove back yesterday afternoon to Canmore. We missed the parade, but I stole this beauty pic from Nicky Pacas.

Canada Day was a blast! Our friend Andrew Chisholm put on a kickass party that brought everyone together. It was so wicked to catch up with good friends in the summer heat. Here's Michael Somppi, Christopher Butler, and Yannick Lapierre hanging out by the fire.

Just a bunch of rednecks! Fort McMurray and Thunder Bay......need I say more?!


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