Thursday, September 5, 2013

I'm still injured......

Ok, so the back is actually doing really good, but the foot is another story.
I've been going back and forth to Calgary to see a foot doctor. X-rays have been done, an ultra sound , and hopefully soon a bone scan. Next step would probably be an MRI if the bone scan shows nothing. 
There's a good chance I will be receiving a cortisone shot in my foot ( OUCH!!), and if it's a fracture, than that means more time in the pool. ( FRIGG!!)

With all of that said, I did a time trial yesterday and was actually 1min30seconds faster than my time last year, and came second overall against some of my biggest competitors! So the pool can't be so bad!

I needed this. This past month has been very hard mentally. I've set some big goals for the year and my body keeps telling me everyday that it wants to quit, and that it's time to stop. "I just need one more season out of you." - is what I tell myself constantly. 

Mentally, I feel the strongest I've ever been. Physically, I'm falling apart!
Thankfully I have great team-mates, and an amazing boyfriend that keep me positive and remind me that this will pass.

These two Star-Ninjas have been doing great! Zoe's mom, Muffy, came out to visit last week and they took her up to Lake O'hara for a couple days.

So jealous! 

Hotties on the mountain.

It takes a lot to wear this mom out! Keeping up to Muffy is a feat in itself!

Pushing the boundaries on my foot. This was my first classic intensity session in over a month!! Notice the big smile on my face. Striding.......I just love it!
Can't wait until the next time I can get out there again :)

Alana had also not done much classic until a couple days ago as well. Her back did so good, and she had no pain during the zone 3!!! It's safe to say that she's really on the up and up! That takes our total to 75% healthy Ninjas! 

I'll keep trying to update as much as possible. I can only take so many "cool" pool shots :)
I'll get more creative with my swimsuits ;)


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