Monday, July 28, 2008

I. Love. Nipika.

Howdy Ya'll!

This year our team is fortunate enough to have three camps at the Nipika Mountain Resort. Thanks to our friend and owner of the resort,Lyle Wilson, who has set our team up with an amazing training environment!
I just got back from Nipika Training Camp #1, and let me tell you, it was awesome! There really are no negatives when it comes to Nipika. It's only an 1.5hr- 1.75hr drive from Canmore towards Radium, nestled in the woods beside the Kootenay River. Environmentally friendly, the lodges at Nipika are run by solar and micro-hydro electricity. I could go on forever about how cool this place is, so instead just check it out yourself( and I'll get on to telling you what we did.
This camp was a volume/intensity focused block. We were either doing long distance rollarskiing zone 1, or zone 3 intensity. It was not easy, the zone 3 intensity was always 45min-1hr of continuous work double polling or skating. Even though we worked hard, we still found plenty of time to play hard!!
Team barbeque's at Sara's Cabin, volleyball, boccie ball, cliff jumping, and late night games of poker were just some of the fun activities we did every afternoon.
I had such a great time training, and hanging out with the team. I'm really looking forward to the next two camps at Nipika. Especially the last camp there, cause Team 2009 may be joining us and it's going to be our team against them in the Ultimate Beach Volleyball Game!! They are so going down!
The boys enjoying their dinner out in the evening sun at Nipika.

One of the many beach volleyball games played.

Stef showing off his sweet tan lines.
Howdy Cowboy!Late night poker games.
Nipika's awesome swimming hole, hot tub, and sauna.Sean desperately looks for that Internet signal.The youngest and cutest member of the team. Aria enjoys a big bowl of oatmeal at breakfast.

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Anonymous said...

Wicked the camp looks so totally awesome. I am jealous of all this swimming and reported cliff jumping. Looking forward to seeing you soon, Amare!