Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Own Paradise

It's been a long.....long time since I have wrote on my blog. If anyone actually reads this I will be impressed. I'm sure all of you have given up on finding a new update from me, but SURPRISE!! I'm back!!
I don't really know where to start. Let's start with November. For most of the men of skiing, November was "Movember". The month of growing nasty mustaches, and trying to convince all the ladies that they actually look " grown-up and cool".
November for me was about growing up, and realizing how lucky I am. November was the month of emotions for me. For most of the month, my body ran literally on 90% emotion, and the other 10% was the normal boring food, and sleep. It's amazing what the body can operate on. With 2 hours of sleep and a stomach too upset to hold food, I was still waking up in the morning with ton's of energy- hammering out intensity with the highest quality my coach had seen all season. I taught myself how powerful the mind is, and when your able to focus fully it doesn't matter the amount of sleep you got, or what you ate for breakfast....in the short term.
That being said. I knew it was inevitable that my body would crash. For me though, I had no other option. I had to let the emotions run their course, and take advantage of the awesome adrenaline that came with them. I lasted a solid 2 weeks before the fatigue started to settle in. I got that oh so familiar tired feeling that I dealt with all last season, and I immediately put on the brakes.
During this tough time, I was by no means alone. This is when I realized how lucky I am. I have so many great friends! I literally didn't cook a meal for over a week. Everyone kept me busy and took care of me like I was a 3 year old. They kept me smiling, and for me that's the most important. Being Happy.
What gave me the most happiness during this time was training. It was my time. Being by myself, alone, focusing only on the feeling of my skis gliding down the trail. My mind was freed of all the bullshit running through it all other hours of the day. I really love what I do.
I'm so thankful for the month of November. It was by far one of the hardest times of my life, but it allowed me to grow into a stronger person. Most importantly though, something happened. A new fire was lit inside of me, and I am hungry............no.......blood thirsty!!! And I am extremely excited for the future of Ammar!
Stay tuned!
The season has begun, and this blog is gonna be bumpin!

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Phil said...

Hey Amanda,

Glad to hear you're getting back in the groove! Like you, I need my regular dose of 'phil time' to keep on tickin' and a smile on my face. Without it, I'd go nuts.

ps. Beware of mustached men...they're creepy.