Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rise Against! Rise Against!

Sometimes a girl's just gotta rock out! So I got my rock on to Rancid and Rise Against this past weekend in Calgary. Here's a few pics to take you through my wicked awesome night.
We were so pumped to get to the concert that there was no such thing as "speed limit"

This police officer reassured us that there, in fact, IS a speed limit....and it cost Jesse. W a few dollars.

But this didn't get us down...We gave that cop a few super finger's and went on our way.

Rancid opened for Rise Against.

Lars getting the crowd pumped up!

Butler and I on the floor. Butler got his mosh on that night, while I got my crowd surf on. Both of us ended the night with a few fresh bruises.

Finally Rise Against took the stage and I was screaming like a teenage girl over Tim McIlrath.

Like I predicted, he got down on one knee and proposed to me.

This was an amazing concert and a night I'll never forget. RISE AGAINST ROCKS!!

Keep on rockin in the free world,

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