Monday, June 1, 2009

Too Much For Twitter

I thought I could replace my blog with twitter...updating you all with a couple one-liner's every day. Turns out my life is way too awesome for that!! haha.
So where should I start? I don't wanna ramble, so I'm gonna do this update in point form. I want you to actually read this. So here we go!

* Really really needed break from skiing. So I did!!
*Visited my Grandma in Burlington, ONT. Struggling with Cancer, I got to hang out with her for a week before she got really sick. This was very sad, but my time with her was so
* Came back to Canmore. Brought out the kid in myself and went tobogganing.......lots and lots of tobogganing with great friends.
*Went home to Onoway with Chris Butler, had an awesome time being an Alberta hick. Did some 5hr quading days, had lots of campfires, hung with my wicked parents, laughed lots!

* Went to Dominican for a week with my best friend/sister Gillian. Known her since I was a baby. Was great to connect with her again and get back to my roots.
* Came back to Canmore, snow still falling. Got in some amazing skiing at the Nordic center, crust skied in K-Country, and enjoyed this snowy spring.
*Ended this month rested and ready to rumble!

My Oh May
*Major decisions made. No longer with the National Team.....where do I go?? After much pondering, decided to go with Canmore Nordic. Why? Because it's an amazing team with extremely supportive parents, and homes my #1 coach- Alain Parent.
* Full of Confidence!! You can't understand how happy I am to work with Alain again. When it comes to training, confidence in your coach is all that matters. I've found this.
* Early ski camp in Silver Star. Short four day camp loaded with lots of on-snow time. Conditions were immaculate! Canmore parents took care of me to the extreme- did all the shopping, cooked breakfast, cooked dinner's, made many amazing bars and cookies. All I had to do was make lunch! Life doesn't get any better than that.
* Bought a paddle board. This may confuse you. But paddle boarding can be done on lakes and river's, not just in the ocean. This is something I find to be extremely relaxing, and not to mention, amazing for the core.
* Flew back to Burlington for my Grandma's Funeral. Although this was an extremely sad time, I got to reconnect with relatives and even meet new family. I love you Grandma!
* Came back to Canmore, did some regular training before heading off to mini camp #2/ Radium Camp. Was three days of fun! Biked to Radium from Johnson's Canyon on friday(4.75hr).Then did the Nipika Crazy Soles Running Race on Saturday. This was an extremely fun running race, all single track with crazy steep cliff's and giant climbs! I recommend every skier do it. Ended the camp on Sunday with some sweet double pole action on the road to Panorama. Fun Fact- the beginning is pretty steep-8%grade.

Today I woke up extremely sore, but I'm also extremely satisfied with this first month of training. It's June 1st today...what will this month have in store for Ammar? I assure you it'll be an adventure. Stay tuned!

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