Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Das Haiggle Ya! (the Haig Glacier Ya ;)

Thought I would give ya'll a little update before I headed off to New Zealand. Two weeks ago I did a mini camp on the Haig Glacier with my new team, Canmore Nordic Ski Club. It was a great 5 day camp, with 4 days of on snow time. The last couple of years I've done a week up at the glacier, which is always stellar, but doing this mini camp was prime for moi. Let me explain why.
1) Your there for a very short time, so you can just hammer out the hours without worrying about cooking yourself too bad...It's 5 days, so the recovery time is much shorter than a week long camp.
2) Because you there for such a short time, you make every second really count. The focus on good quality training is much higher.
3) I love the glacier, but a week up there is long for me. I go a little stir crazy. It's nice to go in, slay those hours, and then get the hell out!
4) And Finally, Like I said in Numero Uno, a short camp means short recovery time. After a couple easy days I was back to normal training.
Chilled out for a good hour. At this point we were waiting to see if our bags would fly into the haig. Thankfully, our bags flew in and we were able to continue on to the camp.

Three hours done......only 30min's to go!Woop woop! 3.5 hours aint' no thang!

Luckily there was still enough snow left for some sweet boot ski action.
The "A" Team
MacxAmmar!! the best duo ever!This is Beau...he sleeps on a water bed...Fun Fact- he slammed down a can of coconut milk 20minutes before the run out of the haig. I of coarse dared him to do it. Sometimes I wonder about these biathletes......

Great Camp. 5days, 22 hours, ahhhh yeah!

Now I am currently packing for New Zealand. I'll be down there for 2 weeks, and hopefully I'll be able to update ya'll with some sweet pic's.

I thought I would leave you with a little video that has made me giggle to myself for the past 2 weeks. Enjoy!

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