Thursday, October 13, 2011

Last Year's Snow

Well, I'm sick.......and it's no surprise to me at all. I fought the good fight, slammed that Cold FX, took extra vit.C and every other vitamin under the sun, but in the end my body did what was right. I need this rest, the last month has been crazy fun, stressful, exciting, and mind blowing! Let me explain :)

The beginning of September brought a change in lifestyle. I went from working 5 days a week, to working 2 days a week. A great change! Giving me more time to train, recover, rest, and just be an athlete.
I started September with a trip to T-Bay. Actually, I started in Canmore, drove to Manitoba with my girlfriends, and then flew to T-Bay. I have finally drove across Saskatchewan, and hopefully I'll never do it again! T-Bay was a great trip. It started with camping with the Butler fam, and ended with a four day intensity block at low altitude. Since I'm in Canmore basically all the time, I forgot how amazing the body feels at low altitude. I felt like I was granted this extra gear, or zone 6 as I like to call it. The intensity block became a Superhero Block. Every workout would end with a higher energy then I started with, and many rounds of high fives.

Eventually Super Hero Block had to end, and Christopher and I flew back to C-Dott. And onto the next exciting 'FUN'draiser!!! It was originally my coworkers idea to do it. I had a hard time committing to the idea. I mean really? Who wouldn't want to fundraise for their dreams???
I decided to go with it, but it was my goal to make it an enjoyable event. Here's what I did :)
- Got a sweet local band to play at the event. The lead singer, Logan Thackray- Canmore local, 17 years old, competitive downhill skier, biggest sweetheart, voice of an angel. Her and the band made the night. It was worth it for people to come to the event just to see her:)
-Got amazing silent auction items that people would actually want. haha! But seriously, we got a bouncy castle donated! A longboard, local artwork, massage and physio packages, nights stay at lodges, a 4.5kg Toblerone, Salomon clothing, spa packages, and of equipment!
- Had free food and non-alcohoic bevy's for all!
- Charged only $3 for drinks!
- And charged 15$ at the door for entry, which I thought was fair.
In the end the event was a huge success, and raised enough money for me to make it through this years racing season.
This fundraiser was a huge boost for me. Obviously the extra money was nice, but the support I received from Canmore, my friends, and family was just unbelievable. I really felt the love, and gained yet another reason to push hard.
And now I'm sick, but that's ok. It happens. There's currently a 3km ski loop being pushed out at the nordic center, using last years buried snow. How lucky are the Canmore locals?!! So for now I'll rest, and give up some room on the crowded ski loop. Happy Trails!

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