Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Daily Bend Afternoon Randomness

This picture does not give this Dinosaur Dog justice. This dog right here...200lbs!!!!

Mad Hatter Tea Party in the park!!

Zoe and Tosch doing Zoe and Tosch things :)

Live in action!

This man, not so random. I've been calling him my Bend Angel, but he goes by the name Andy Fecteau. He's been keeping my feet in check, and taking time out of his day to give me free physio!!
I told him to give me  his best gansta pose :)

The Ninja's met this really super cool guy while we were here .  His name is Matt Briggs, and he has his own lobster joke website that sells lobster T's and other merchandise.... . Check this stuff out! It's awesome!
He also fed the Ninja's a mighty fine dinner one night, and just this morning I woke up to this illustration of his love for the Ninja's! As displayed above, the Ninja's take up most of his heart :)

Today two Ninja's will head back to Canada, But I'm staying here with Zoe and taking in more amazing Bend!


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