Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Zoe Roy is a Pole Pedal Paddle BOSS!!!!

 I know you're all thinking it....Where the heck is that other badass Ninja Zoe Roy?!
Well let me tell you, she's been kicking ass and taking names in the local Pole Pedal Paddle race here in Bend, OR.
This race in Bend is the equivalent of the Olympics to the locals here. It's a big deal! Now let me explain to you how this race works.  It's a relay race, with six legs that include alpine skiing, cross country skiing, road biking, running, canoe/kayaking and a 800m sprint to the finish. You can do this all by yourself or be apart of a team. Since Zoe is a Badass Ninja, the choice was easy, she did it on her own!
 This race is a total of around 2hrs long, and fast transitions are key to kicking ass.

This is the first pic we have of Zoe, prior to the road bike leg she has already done a alpine run and cross country skied 8kms! She's currently in 2nd place!!!

The 22 mile bike leg transitions into a 5 mile run. Here Zoe has used her fantastic energy legs and powered herself into 1st place!!!

Next up is the 1 1/4 mile paddle. Zoe first paddles 1/2 mile upstream, 3/4 mile downstream, then ends it with 1/4 upstream again. Her Bi's and Tri's exploded with the effort and she got re-passed putting herself back into 2nd place!

In the end, Ninja Zoe couldn't bridge the gap, but was only 1min back and ended in 2nd place overall!!
Winning some CASH MONEY of $500.00!! 

Stoke level was HIGH and this NINJA was ECSTATIC!

Overall a great day for Team Ninja and Zoe Roy :)

Until next time.....HIEEEYAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

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