Friday, June 14, 2013

A beauty ski, a FML moment, and KITTIES!!!

Today! Not so boring!
Let's start from the top :)

Yeah you do!!!!! I immediately loved the people driving in front of us :)

To most, this pic is nothing special. But for a skier, this is paradise!
Who knew these Calgarians were so spoiled with their roller skiing! A 2 hr ski was nothing, I could of gone forever on these roads :)

Grass! As weird as it sounds, I really miss this in Canmore.

A few of my favourite things!!! 

A small town girl in the's my FML of the day. I drove into a bus trap today!

                 I turned up the cute, and somehow talked myself out of a fine from the police, getting my car impounded, and paying for the tow!!!!!! This Ninja fully believes in karma.

When Chris and I finally made it to Onoway, we were greeted by kittens!!!!
Ninja-mmar fact- I am a crazy cat lady!!!

I want it!!!!!!!!!

Another fun fact- Kittens love Chris!! 

Kitty Kisses!!!!

My favourite of the litter :)

Crazy cat lady out!!!!


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