Thursday, June 20, 2013

F*&%'ing RAIN!!!!!

I started my workout screaming, " Is that all you got!!" to the sky, and unfortunately the sky had more!!
The cougar creek side of  the Canmore valley got it's ass kicked today, and luckily my house is on the "good" side.  The only damage I received was to my iphone today on my run. I just couldn't stop taking photo's, it's so crazy here right now!!!
Here's a pic of the early damage.

Sadly, many homes have been taken out from the creek/ raging river now.

So here's some humour to get us through this mess....

Tomorrow Chris and I were planning on going to Osoyoos, B.C for some training in the sun. I think that will probably be postponed now since all the roads are closed. I think a new strength plan may begin tomorrow aft, sandbagging!!!!! 

Stay dry everyone :)


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