Saturday, June 22, 2013

Team Ninja- Like A BOSS!!!

Zone 3 workout? YUP!
30mins continuous? YUP!
Video taken during? YUP!
Lactates? YUP!
The need of a training centre? NOPE!

Many roads are still closed, but we still managed to get a solid workout done today :)

Chris did an amazing job of taking video, lactates, and just being a damn good coach!

Meanwhile in Zurich........

Ninja Zoe and Bettina Gruber training it up!

"Five swiss franks for a race entry, awesome fun race( team of three, trading off running 400m on a dirt track for an hour) BBQ and sweet prizes!!"- Zoe in Zurich

Das ist Kitty!!!

Afternoon in Zurich

Remember to check out Alana Thomas's blog, she has a sweet new "Ninja Zone"


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