Sunday, July 21, 2013

Glow sticks and Training

This weekend was volume focused, and coach Christopher made sure to keep it real!

The total workout was 3.5hrs, the first 2.5 done roller skiing on highway 40 towards the Haig parking lot. This is around 1.5hrs in....snack break!

With 1hr to go, Coach Chris and I put on the running shoes and made our way to Rawson Lake.
A bridge was wiped out, and the trail was "closed", but that didn't really stop us :)

Girly Ninja Stance!

After a sweet picnic, we packed up and made our way home. Chris was racing in the 24 hours of adrenaline, and I thought it would be sweet to cheer for him at night, totally covered in glowsticks!!

This is what we looked like in the dark. Now imagine this floating around in the woods while your doing your bike leg at 12am in the morning!!! 
Alana, Russell, Yannick and I had a blast cheering for our friends , and even give a helping push to those who needed it up one of the big climbs.


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