Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ninjas Up And Down

Chandra is back in Canmore after a unfortunate "death cold" that forced her to put aside her two favourite things.......skiing and talking with friends!

Fortunately her cold is starting to subside and she's 100% able to talk with friends!!
She had Dasha and Bettina over for dinner a couple nights ago :)

I think she was even able to go out for a light roll with Andrea and Dasha too!

Hot-Lana was up to Hot-Lana things, which these days takes part on a boat with her fam :)

But it's not all needs to be done...even on a boat :)

Ninja Zoe got some badass testing done at the nordic centre. The results are in and it's official....She's the most interesting skier in the world!

Like a boss!

On Saturday I went for a little run, and then went fishing with Christopher. I'm trying to be as cool as those Y.E.S boys :) 

Coach Chris showing me how it's done.

Then today I did some skating z3 with ZoZo and ended up hurting my back. I have a terrible back, and this ain't my first rodeo. The drill is simple, Keep Calm and Rest On! Oh and take lots of pain killers  :)


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