Thursday, August 15, 2013

Just Keep Swimming

First off, I'd just like to say thank-you to my parents for making me take swimming lessons as a kid! I still have terrible technique, and feel like I'm gasping for air, but at least I can get a good workout in while my back and foot heal up!
Ninjas ready for a swim!

I'm actually quite proud of myself with how I've stayed so positive. I really don't like swimming, or anything indoors for that matter. Especially since Canmore has been so beautiful and taunting me every day with amazing weather. 
It could also be that swimming is hard, so I still get a quality workout in. Or what I really think, is that I'm enjoying the challenge. Swimming is challenging for me, and I love pushing myself and working on weaknesses. I also feel that there's much to benefit from this form of training, and that this really isn't that bad.

As shown from the previous photo, Chandra joined me today in my swim workout. She texted me last night saying that she was going to join me. This literally almost made me cry with joy! It's so nice to have a partner :)
She brought tons of energy, and her normal aggressive competitive nature. I mentioned I wanted to do intervals, and she made a game plan right away.
We did a pyramid workout...sorta.
It basically went 100mt, 150mt, 200mt, 150mt, 100mt, and 2x 50mt.
We also did plenty of warmup drills, and some pool running as well. With all these elements, it was pretty easy to do an hour and a half of training. Which made me very happy!
Chandra made sure to time all our intervals, and also write it on the white board while dancing for all the Crawford :)

I then went straight to physio. I got poked prodded and turned upside down, and ended my morning with a waffle from the market. My legs and arms are tired, and I truly feel satisfied from the morning :)
Chandra kept the good energy flowing with more meme's to keep my morale up!


And I will keep trying to! Today Alana is getting her MRI done on her back! A great step in the right direction :) Results will probably show that she's overall a boss, and that her back is going to be fine!


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