Thursday, October 3, 2013

A cortisone shot and 5 doctors later.......

Whoa! It's been too long since my last update!
 Much patience and many doctors appointments later, I am confident in saying that things are starting to go back to normal!
My back has been a champ lately. I was able to do a volume camp last week that involved many hours on the bike, and even a 2.5hr double pole session! The biggest test was the long drive though, and my back never bothered me once! YUSSSSS!!!!!

I've still been cautious with the foot, and it's going to need heavy monitoring  throughout the season. The cortisone shot has helped settle it down, but that's not the cure. Right now I'm working on strengthening my quads, hips and arches to better align my body and keep me training :)

Throughout my modified training, Zoe kept killing it by winning the Five Peaks race in Canmore in early September. Don't mess with her fitness!!!!

Chandra and I got our swell on at the gym! Notice Chandra's superb shirt from Sadie Bjornsen.

Chris and I completed our first intensity block of the fall a couple weeks ago. Here I am doing 3x10mins z3 up Silver Tip.

Enjoying the last of the warm weather of fall.

I even was able to get my Physio/Friend/Coworker ( Ryan Wilkinson, Rocky Mountain Rehab) to come for a classic roll! It's so great to work with a physio that understands the sport of cross country. Ryan has been a huge help! He's a healing machine!

As I mentioned before, I took off to Osoyoos, B.C last week to do some volume training. It was great to change it up a bit, and hang with my parents. After 3 days of biking with Frank The Tank, I had to take a break and do some roller skiing before he killed me ;)
Here I am taking a grape feed along my favourite road in Osoyoos. 

Now most importantly, OUR NINJA BUFFS HAVE ARRIVED!!!!!!!
Peter Collins at Buff is just the best. He sponsored Team Ninja and let us design our very own custom Buff!! 
Each Ninja has been given 50 badass buffs to sell and raise money for our upcoming season!

If you're a Ninja at heart, awesome in every way, love sport, adventurous, independent, kickass, or just a fan.....then you absolutely need to buy one of these!!

They're 25$ each and look superb on girls and boys!
Email me at : 

This buff also goes with any outfit! Work? BUFF IT! Gala event?? BUFF IT!
Dinner Date?? BUFF IT!! Outdoor activities? ABSOLUTELY BUFF IT!!
Job interview? BUFF IT!!!

Now I'm going to leave you with a 3min iphone video that my dad took of me training in Osoyoos, B.C. I was doing 5x3mins Z4, and this video shows my last interval. I'm very happy with how my shape is coming along and can't wait for snow!!!
The youtube link is right below, but it's black writing.  There are some bad words :) Children cover your ears!


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