Monday, July 18, 2011

Mountain Bike Nationals!!!!!!!!!!!

Last weekend I got the amazingly awesome opportunity to watch and compete in the Canadian Mountain Bike Nationals here in Canmore. On Saturday I got to watch Canada's best mountain bikers rip up the course with their flawless technique and beautifully ripped calves. I also got to watch a few Canmore locals and retired cross country skiers as well. Whistler 2010 Olympian Gordon Jewett was out there, battling it out with the best of them, and keeping it fun to watch.

Since I just started mountain bike racing this year I was competing in the Sport category. I raced on Sunday morning and only did half the distance of the Elite Women, which to me was long enough!!

I got the great company of Rhonda Jewett to up the pressure on the race course. It made for a sweet battle, and an almost skier race feel.

It ended up being a really great day for me and I ended up on top of the podium. My goal was top three, so needless to say I was stoked. I feel like I should add in a gnarly comment, or tell you how I totally shredded out there, but I still don't have the whole biker lingo down pat yet :)

This win hopefully moved me up to the Expert category. I'm excited to move up, but unsure about how I feel about racing more laps ;) I do love to mountain bike race though, and I'm sure longer will just equal more fun!

Next weekend I will be going up to Edmonton to race in the Mountain Bike Kokanee Canada Cup. The race course will be on all the trails that I used to train on when I was 14, so this will definitely be a throwback.

I leave you now with a few photo's from Nationals. Enjoy the sun! Ciao.

Christopher Butler rippin it up!

The Start of my race. Apparently my crappy starting also carries over to mountain biking :)

Bridge Action
Finish! Hug it out.

Podium! Woop!

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