Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Last 3 Weeks

The last three weeks have been great! Training has been so smooth, a consistency that makes me more than pumped. Unlike other training years, I have not yet burned myself into the ground, I have not been sick, I am not dealing with a big injury, I am not just 'going through the motions'.
I've been having a lot of fun training hard and pairing that with my job at Rocky Mountain Rehab. They seem to be very complimenting to each other and a great balance to my life.
As per my usual updates, I am not going to write an essay of what I've been doing in training these days. It's simply this......Train Hard, Rest Harder, Work, Eat, Sleep, and I'm having a blast!!

An easy hike, after a weekend of testing. I told "coach" if he makes me do a surprise race up the mountain I'd clock him one!

Anna Schappert, elite mountain bike racer and 2nd overall at Canadian Western Championships, came along for the hike.

This photo is nothing special. What it does show though, is how committed my boyfriend Chris Butler is to my success. In this pic I'm doing legs only up Norquay, and Chris is taking video, playing music, and cheering me the whole way :)
Arms only up Norquay.

And back to legs only.

Easy hike at Jura creek on my rest week.
Hug it out! Me and my mom:)
New swag from Track N' Trail ski shop.

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