Thursday, May 3, 2012

Stats and Stuff

The 2011/12 season ended up being more than I could of hoped  for. I owe so much of this to my amazing coach Chris Butler. I don't know if you know this, but this guy's got some mad coaching skills. Aside from his rugged good looks, he single-handedly coached me from rock bottom to an overall 3rd in the Canadian Noram Circuit! This was by no means easy. I'm not gonna lie, I can be a huge pain in the ass :) Overreacting and stressing out are my main favorites in the training world. Oh, and did I mention that Chris worked full time while also coaching me? YUP! The odds were highly against him. But like any challenge Mr.Butler is faced with, he takes it, and victoriously crushes it! Surprising everyone around him but himself. He's a Scorpio, lacking confidence is not in his DNA.
    Just the two of us. Technique, time trials, training camps, intervals, long workouts, highs, lows...Chris was there pushing me, cheering me on, and always believing. He made skiing fun again, which is all that really matters.
 So THANK-YOU Mr.Butler for an amazing year!!! You're a true champion, and one of my biggest role models:)

2012 STATS

Races(cross country)
Skate- 12
Classic- 11

Mountain Bike Races- 3
Time Trials -10

Overall races including time trials- 37

1 flu at Christmas
1 cold in October
1 mini cold at Whistler
Fun Fact : Never missed a race from sickness this year ( that's a big one for me!)

Total hours Trained : 525hrs
Average hours /week : 11hrs

Average Days worked:
May-Sept : 5-6 days a week
Sept-April : 2-5 days a week

Medals won:
Gold-3( mtn biking) 1 keski, and one LL loppet.
Silver- 2 ( One at Whistler Noram, One at Nationals in team sprint)
Bronze- 5 ( all Noram races)
Fun Fact ( medalled in 1/3 of all my races)

Intensity Blocks- 4 (4 days intensity in a row)
Intensity Days( including tt's, races, z3 and z4. not including speed work)
         - 82 days out of 331 total days trained

And there you have it! Hope you are all having a wonderful spring :)
Onto another exciting ski season!!

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