Monday, May 6, 2013

La Sportiva gives me running Feva'

I was fortunate enough to get a FREE pair of the Raptor GTX Women's shoe from La Sportiva this spring, and let me tell you, they totally Rock!!
It's literally the best shoe for running around in the Canmore mountains. Why you ask? Well let me explain :)
April, May, June, July.......well anyone that lives here knows that it rains a lot! These shoes are made with Gore-Tex, so they keep your feet dry! DRY!!! Now lets not also forget that La Sportiva specializes in mountain climbing. The gnarly tread on these shoes are as grippy as their climbing shoe. Wet slippery mountain rock??? NO PROBLEM! these shoe's got your back! Light weight, comfortable  and tons of ankle support. You want happy feet? Well these will make them ecstatic!  Plus they're pretty :)
Check out their website!

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