Monday, June 3, 2013

Damn it feels good to be a NINJA

I had a fantastic first training camp in Bend, and there's nothing better than capping it off with doing something that scares the crap out of myself.....climbing at smith rock!

Ninja Zoe belaying like a BOSS! 

And while we're on the subject of Ninja Zoe, check out yet another amazing skill this girl has!
She led this pitch! ( is that what you call it? ) My palms were sweating the whole time watching her.

Here I am getting my lesson from Zoe's brother Tosch. 

And here I am pretending to be hardcore. Fun fact, this Ninja is extremely afraid of heights, and I'm maybe 15ft off the ground :)

Zoe's friend Mataya came out climbing too! She was really fun, and funny!

Ninja Zoe, doing Ninja hardcore Zoe things.....

Tosch killen it!

The best energy drink in the world!!!!! Even this water bottle climbed higher than I did today ;)

The next day Zoe and I packed up and hit the road back to Canmore. We had an interesting day, it started with us almost running out of gas on the highway. Note the 0miles left in fuel...this came on just as we turned into the gas station.

Not even 1hr from home, and we come to a stop on the road. There had been an accident, and the road was not going to be opened until midnight! Luckily my good friend Pate Neumann saved the day, and let us stay at his place in Nipika. Here I am passed out after 18hrs of driving!

The view from Pates window this morning lifted my spirits.

Zoe and I once again loaded up the car, and we finally made it to Canmore!!!
So happy to be home :)


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