Tuesday, June 4, 2013


It feels so good to be back home in Canmore! I made sure to treat Coach Christopher to some delicious beer from Bend, OR. He didn't think this was enough to quench his thirst.......NINJA Coach Problems :)

Ninja Alana did some 5x6min Z3 intensity at the NC today. Frozen Thunder started as this high, but Alana's speedy fire melted that mound down to an ant pile! Unfortunately, there will no longer be any early season skiing in Canmore.........NINJA Problems ;)

Ninja Zoe and I ramped it up with some 6x1min Z4 skate intensity. Seems my roller skis couldn't handle the heat, back wheel decided to quit on me and seized at the end of the workout......NINJA Problems ;)

It came to the Ninja's attention that we didn't understand the nutritional rules of bacon........this is no longer a Ninja Problem :)


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