Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Injury Enjoyment?!!

Besides the fact that I can't train, today has been a very fantastic day!

It started with me waking up, trying to look at my feet again and....OUCH! It hurts my back still. But! not as bad as yesterday morning! Splendid! 

Started this day of positive progression with a tasty and healthy smoothie.

Vanilla soy milk, blueberries, strawberries, spinach, banana, hemp hearts, and cinnamon.


Next on the to-do list was a physio treatment at Rocky Mountain Rehab.
Danielle did some acupuncture on my back.

The needles stay in for 10mins in total. Danielle also had me on the inversion table, which is basically me just hanging upside down to stretch out my back. 

From physio I walked to the bank and grocery store (workout for the day) and cashed in my cheque from Jamie Coatsworth!!!!  Now I can buy more food! Thanks Jamie!!!!!!!!!

Upon arrival from my "workout errand walk" I was greeted by this in my front doorway!
How very Ninja! I immediately knew that Crawf dropped by, opened the door, threw a knife into my perfectly placed cutting board, then disappeared into the day! 

Inside this gold envelope held the cure to my back! I later received a message from Chandra stating, "Just put the actual physical CD on your back and secure with a tensor bandage and feel the healing powers of hilarious music."

It didn't stop there....Somehow Chandra found the most amazing card I've ever seen in my life!!!!!!!

And on this card she wrote the nicest things!
Amanda Ninja is...strong, patient, fun, loved, determined, beautiful, fast, smart, and a total boss!
This made me realize how amazingly awesome it is to have great teammates during not so great times. Perspective is very important in life, and these Ninjas constantly remind me how lucky I am to have them in my life :)

Then while dancing to my new CD, I made Chris some homemade potato chips! Christopher appreciation week! Boom!

Then I went to work which was fabulous, had dinner with Peri, tired myself out, and went to bed satisfied.


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