Thursday, August 1, 2013

27 years.....many tears

At a young age I knew that I wanted to be one of Canada's best cross country skiers. In 2006 I represented Canada at the Torino Olympics and I hope to do the same this coming year in Sochi. What I didn't know, was that to be an elite athlete, setback were an unavoidable fact, mostly in the form of injury. Many times in my career I've thought, " Is this pain worth a gold medal?" " Is this injury worth dealing with even after my ski career is over?" " Am I  compromising my quality of life once I'm done with skiing?" 

I quit skiing for over a year because of many reasons, one being serious injury. Being told by my coach  while on National Team to pop another Cellebrex or Arthrotec to get through a day of training, was pretty common. I remember when that drug would wear off though, and I could barely make it back to the chalet cause I was in so much pain.......Oh those were the days! Crying at night from the pain, unable to sleep.. That's not sport. That's stupidity, and that's what happens when a young athlete ensures their total trust in their coach. 

I'm older now, and much wiser......unfortunately because I had to go through some tough shit. Shit that could of been avoidable, but what ya gonna do?! 
Learn! That's what!!

It's simple now. Hurt yourself, take some rest. Let it heal. Stay calm, hang with friends, keep things in perspective. Treat yourself with care, and respect what your body is telling you.

After 3 days of doing nothing, I woke up and my back felt better! Went for a chill ski with my bestie and made sure to listen to my back the whole time. 

I've worked my ass of to get this strong, and I don't plan on throwing that hard work away by pushing myself through pain while injured....been there, done that. NOT. WORTH. IT!!!

Am I bummed that I'm missing out on intensity? YES! Am I pissed that I can't double pole or classic roller ski? Absolutely! But this week is nothing, and it feels so great to take care of myself and know that I'm making the right choices to heal my back, so that I can get back to normal training!

So until then, I'm going to keep having fun, laugh, and hanging out with my cute best friend Cindy! I'm going to ice my back, stretch, go to physio, and take training day by day. Focus on the things I can do, and not stress about what I can't.

Seriously though?! Isn't she the cutest?!!!


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